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When did you first become involved wiih Short Circuif!

STARI.OG: When did you first become involved wiih Short Circuif! JOHN BADHAM: Around February 1985. Righl away. 1 fell in love wiih Number Five. I found Short Circuit a very engaging science-ficlion adveniure story. I started working on il 24 hours after reading the script, going full-borc ahead with il, I started to figure out how we were going to do Number Five, and what we were going to do with this first draft screenplay. Although it was very promising, it needed work.
STARLOG: Have there been many changes from that first draft compared to what was finally filmed?
BADHAM: I would say that the story structure is very similar, but that the characters have changed, and hopefully arc improved.
Coordinating this trio ol robots to perform like the Three Stooges was "an absolute nightmare, horrendous and horrible." according to Bodhom.
As Stephanie, Number Five's self-appointed guardian, Badham cast the innocent and charming Ally Sheedy. The two previously played WarGames together.

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