вторник, 8 декабря 2009 г.

Madison learned seemed pretty

I mean, whatever Madison learned seemed pretty sad by me. I think that what Number Five does is very charming. The fact that he found very funny things to do with the material he learned is what's important.
There are. however, certain similarities to E.T., who learned something about phoning home. And, I don't suppose you can avoid talking about those things. But am I worried about it? Well, I was in love with the script, and I was not trying to do those movies. In fact, I tried rather assiduously to avoid doing those movies.
STARLOG: Why did you decide to work with Ally Shccdy a second lime? BADHAM: Not because I had worked with her in WarGames, but because I was looking for the best actress to play that рал, and she was that actress. We talked to many different people.

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