вторник, 8 декабря 2009 г.

Starlog interview

Man, woman & a machine with a sense of humor meet for fun in the wacky hi-tech world of the director who piloted "Blue Thunder " and played dangerous "WarGames."

Director John Badham has thrilled audiences with steamy dancing (Saturday Night Fever) and sexy vampires (Dracula), wowed them with spectacular helicopter stunts (Blue Thunder), and given them food/or thought about the possibility of a computer hacker starting World War III (WarGames). Now, Badham hopes to steal their hearts with Short Circuit.
Short Circuit explores the world of robotics and artificial intelligence, with the story of a prototype "soldier" robot. Number Five which, accidentally, comes to life. Starring with Number Five are Ally (WarGames), Sheedy, Steve (Cocoon) Gut-tenberg and Fisher (My Science Project) Stevens.
Badham wasdeep in the midst of meetings to finalize the score and editing o/Short Circuit when he took time out for an interview with STARLOG. The previous evening had seen the film's first public viewing, and there were many decisions to be made on the basis of the audience's "response cards."
It was clear throughout the discussion that Short Circuit is a film Badham cares about deeply. For him. Number Five really was alive, and the director hopes that is true for audiences as well.

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