вторник, 8 декабря 2009 г.

In the end

In the end. Ally was just the one who could do all things for everybody. She had the innocence, the charm and the ability to play the part nicely and convincingly. She's not really a comedienne, but she has the ability to play light comedy very well. STARLOG: The robot had lo be attractive and cute, so that the audience would like it, yet it couldn't be too cute or people wouldn't believe it was real. Did you go through many designs to reach that balance? BADHAM: I think everything that you say is accurate. We certainly wanted to have a robot that you would instantly believe, without thinking about it. that wouldn't look like there was somebody inside. You would have to see that this robot was operating on its own. And in fact it was—that was one of our parameters. The robot also had to fulfill design functions in the plot: a rolling foot soldier. But, at the same time, it had to be something that you could connect with. So. I felt the robot needed some anthropomorphic qualities. We tried some anthropomorphic designs to see how they would work—something more along the lines of the "garbage-can" robot, like R2-D2. We knew that we didn't want а C-3PO type, which is clearly a guy stuffed in a gold suit. In the end, we avoided the' 'garbage can" type because it has been done ю death—we had to come up with something fresh.

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