вторник, 8 декабря 2009 г.

I encouraged people

I encouraged people lo do ihis, of course. Bui last night, the test screening was ihe first chance that I had to sit back and look at the end result. And I found myself saying to Number Five. "Shut up! Stop chattering so much!" So, now simply like weeding a garden, I'll go pull out some of that, and it'll be fine.
STARLOG: There have been so many films where an alien or another such creature has learned things from watching TV—arc you at all worried that people will compare Number Five to E.T., Madison the mermaid in Splash, or the aliens in Explorers. I don't think that you can avoid making those comparisons, if what you want to do is make comparisons. All I can say is that what Number Five docs with his material beats the heck out of what those other guys did.

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