вторник, 8 декабря 2009 г.

Stereoptic vision

Eric was voted the most valuable player on the team, not only because he managed to get the robot built, but because he also kept him running and made him do what we all wanted.
Of course, we had to have things in our design that we could justify on a rational basis. For example, we had stereoptic vision, and various listening and atmospheric sensing devices, because this type of robot would need them—and they arc technologically possible. The very real problem was Number Five's speech. A mouth moving up and down would have looked silly, and a speaker hidden inside would have looked deadly dull—it gives you nothing in terms of character. Yet, so much of the personality can come from the speech. So. we devised a kind of brain-voice box (o go underneath the head, in order to create the effect that it was the robot who was actually talking, that it wasn't just voices that we had plastered on later.

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